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What we do !

Here you can find various items to solve computer problems, tips for computer use and maintenance of computers and peripherals.
Many problems can easily fix yourself because what weather can save a peppery account of the local computer.
We also have a category “How does that?” Which we occasionally dissect a part to watch and show how this works now.

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You know that it:
You have a computer problem and monitors the internet. You’ll come to many forums where everything is called, except what you need or you get endless, especially English, documents presented where you have to struggle through it.

Our guides are concise:
– A clear description of the problem
– a short and powerful description of the cause
– Clear step-by-step guide to finding a solution.

Site Navigation:
right in the menu, you will see our most recent articles.
You can also choose a category there to see all articles, or you can search items.
In the menu you will find direct links to popular sections of our web site.

There are several ways to contact us!

Do you have a question or a computer problem? Please use this form !
We answer you as soon as possible.

It may also be that you see a mistake in one of our articles or maybe you have something to add.
Please report this to us, we can go correction adjust or expand your items increased by addition.

On our Facebook page you can interactively to work!
There you can also find all your questions and we (and fellow IT professionals) will provide advice you.

Many things we can simulate in our lab so we can test and write our manuals on this basis.

Have fun and remember our Facebook page Liking to miss nothing!

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